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About Explorer Post 700

Explorer Post 700 is apart the Lincoln County Sheriffs Office in North Carolina. This post is for young men and women that are 13 to 20 years old that have a interest in going into the law enforcment career. Explorer Post 700 frequently reviews and practices the 36 topics of Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET). Explorer Post 700 meets every other Tuesday. These meetings are from 6pm-8pm; everyother Tuesday explorers meet for SERT meetings which are optional meetings, on these meeting days explorers are allowed to wear plain civilain clothes. Explorer Post 700 is ran similar to a Sheriffs Office meaning post 700 has call numbers, rank strucure, uniforms. and much more. Post 700 is run by current and former law enforcement. Detectives and Deputies of the Lincoln County Sheriffs Office and former law enforcement from various agencies. 

Explorer Post 700 also helps out with various community events in Lincoln County; explorers help out with events such as Cruising for a Cause, The Price is Right, National Night Out, Cigars Bourbon and Benefactors, Spooktacular, Lincolnton Easter Egg Hunt. The explorer post also works other various CAC, Faternal Order of Police, Safe Kids Day, also other Lincoln County organization events.

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